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We are excited to partner with the Ada Beef Farm to bring you local beef that is NATURAL, GRASS-FED, HORMONE and ANTIBIOTIC FREE! 


We sell quarters or eighths of all-natural beef and occasionally have freezer bundles available.

Grass-Feed cattle

Here’s an Excerpt on from Ada Beef’s Website:

Our approach is simple. We let our cows be cows. All of the beef we sell is 100% hormone and antibiotic-free. They experience the freedom to live off the land and roam the pastures. We don’t confine our cattle to small spaces. This allows the cattle to spread manure throughout the earth and as a result, our carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

No additives. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. For the cattle, this means an improved quality of life. For you, this means you won’t ever see the word “artificial” on our packaging.

Grass-fed is more than a catchy term for us. It’s a way of life for our cattle. It’s a much more sustainable approach to farming. As the cattle graze on a balanced diet of a variety of seasonal plants and minerals, the beef they produce will be healthier and more flavorful. In contrast to confined corn-based feeding techniques that commercial beef farmers use, our cattle spend their days roaming the hilly pastures to graze.

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