Custom Beef

Quick Prices

  • Beef Processing  - $.55/lb.

  • Cattle and Processing (per pound, hanging weight) - $3.20/lb.

  • Ground Beef Pattie - $0.40/lb.

  • Vacuum-Sealed Packaging - Included for Free


* Price includes the cost of cattle and processing fees

Average Weight and Yield for Half Cattle

Average Hanging Weight 400 lbs.

Average Finished Weight 220 lbs.

Custom Smoking

  • Turkey - $1.50 per lb.  (minimum $15.00 per bird)

  • Fish - $1.50 per lb. (minimum $15.00 per fish)

Custom Pork

Quick Prices

  • Whole or Half* (per pound, hanging weight) - $1.70/lb.

Additional Options and Fees

  • Smoked Ham** - $0.90/lb.

  • Smoked Bacon** - $1.25/lb.

  • Sausage - $0.30/lb.

  • Sausage Patties or Links - $0.95/lb.

  • Brats - $2.00/lb.

* Price Includes Cost of Hog and Processing Fees

**Smoked Products Pricing based on Green Weight (Weight before Smoking)

Weight and Yield Average for Whole Hog

Average Hanging Weight 200lbs.

Average Finished Weight 140lbs.

Deer Processing

(Whole Deer)

  • Standard Cut, Boneless (Steaks, Chops, Roast, Burger), Freezer Wrapped -We keep the hide - $95.00

  • Special Processing Options:

    • Cape Out for Head Mount - $21.00

    • Keep Horns or Head - $2.00

    • Keep Hide - $10.00

Specialty Items

(Will be processed during bow season & after Nov. 30th. Minimum 10 lbs boneless meat.)

  • Jerky sticks (ground, pressed & fully cooked, all venison, meat will shrink 50% during processing) - $4.00 per lb.  Finished Wt

  • Hot Sticks (fully cooked, all venison, meat will shrink 40% during processing) $4.00 per lb. Finished Wt

  • Fresh Polish (pork will be added) $3.00 per lb. Finished Wt

  • Bratwurst (pork will be added) $3.00 per lb. Finished Wt

  • Summer Sausage/Salami  (fully cooked, all venison, 20lb. minimum boneless meat, $50.00 minimum order) $10.00 for each 4 lb. stick

  • Dried Venison (WHOLE boneless Hind Quarter, slicing & packaging included) $28.00 per Hind Quarter

Special Services

  • Grinding & Freezer Wrapping $.89 per lb. (minimum $9.00)

  • Boning Charge $1.50 per lb.

  • 80/20 Beef $3.75 per lb.

  • We reserve the right to reject any deer or meat that is not cleaned properly

  • ALL deer must be tagged

  • Deliver whole deer to the south east corner of building @ car port

  • Pick up processed deer in the front of the store

  • We also process BEAR, MOOSE, ELK, ANTELOPE, WILD BOAR, etc

  • In cooperation with Michigan Sportsman against Hunger, we donate to Degage Ministries and to needy families



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