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Shopping local has become increasingly popular, but why is it better? When you buy local from us at Leyen and Son Meats, you are supporting our local economy, but did you also know you’re also getting a different product than what’s sold in supermarkets?

Consider all the factors that affect a meat’s quality:

  • Where it came from

  • What it was fed

  • How it lived

  • How it was slaughtered

  • How it was stored, cut and packed

  • What was added to it

  • How far it traveled

Leyen & Son Meat
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Raw Meat

Good meat starts with good farms where animals are fed, raised and treated well. When cattle have space to roam and a natural diet, they produce better, more flavorful meat. This is the meat we sell! At Leyen and Son Meats, we give you fresh, local meat, raised on local farms by people we have relationship with.


Good meat must also be hung to get rid of excess moisture and develop depth of flavor and tenderness. To get the best, most tender meat, beef should be hung to age for up to 14 days, so that’s what we do! Here at Leyen and Son Meats we’ve been in the butchering business since 1939 and the experience of 3 generations shows in how we hang, cut, process and package our meat!

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